In the internet age, you have lots of options when seeking a printer for your business or personal needs.  A quick Google search for “printing company” will return more than 12 million results.  In those results you’ll find both local printing companies, and printers who work regionally or nationally.  Yes indeed, you have a lot of choices in printing companies but, when it comes right down to it – there are 9 very good reasons why you should consider working with a local printer.

1. Faster Turn Around Time for Your Printing Job

When you work with a local printer you can almost always expect a quicker turn around time.  National and regional printers handles thousands of orders a day.  Yours will just be one drop in their printing queue ocean and they’ll get to your job when they can.  Local printing companies like Heritage Printing and Quick Copy live and breath customer service and a quick turn around time is always part of that equation.

2. Better Customer Support

Have you every tried talking over printing options with a national printer?  Well, it’s darn near impossible.  Sure, they’ll have a slick website which offers you lots of options but if you aren’t sure what each option means – there’s no one readily available to answer your questions.  Local printers will take the time to answer your questions, fully explain your paper and coating options, heck you can even feel the weight of the paper before you give the green light on your project.  And, if you have a problem you’ll probably find your local printer is easier to reach and is more than willing to help resolve your concerns.

3. Save on Shipping Fees

National printing companies do offer low prices – when you work in the volumes they do, discounts are easier to provide.  But, where they get you is on the shipping.  When you work with a local printer you’ll save those shipping fees if you pick up your order.  If you need delivery because the distance is much shorter your fees will almost always be much, much less if there even is a fee.

4. Easier to Communicate About Your Printing Projects

Your local printer is always going to be easier to communicate with than a national printer.  Sure you can email or call – but you can also stop by their shop and see them face to face.  Whether you have questions or need to make a change to your order – you’ll find communicating with your local printer so much easier.

5. Build a Relationship You Can Count On

In business you need vendors you can trust and those kind of relationships take time to develop.  Working with a local printer over a course of years can provide you with much more than just good printing results.  As a trusted friend, your local printer can be a source of referral for your business and can provide you access to their own network of contacts to help grow and expand your business.  You won’t find that kind of ‘added value’ from a national printer.

6. Competitive Printing Prices

Many business will turn to a national printer because they can offer such low prices.  But, you’ll find that your local printer can be very competitive and better yet – their quality of work is often better.

7. Supports Local Economy

Working with a local printer keeps your money in your community where it is spent on staff salaries, and the purchase of good and services.

8. Local Printing Companies Give Back to Community

If your local printing company is like us – they are fully engaged in the local community and give back to support school and nonprofit organizations.  It is simply a part of being a responsible member of a community.

9. Better Quality Results

All of these factors combine to ensure your printing job is of superior quality.  When you can access a real, live person to discuss your printing options, to help advise your decisions, and who will be on hand to resolve any issues, in the end, you’ll be happier with the quality of the work done.  Working with your local printer just make sense.  Of course, we may be biased so tell us what you think in the comments below.

Heritage Printing and Quick Copy has been serving the Atlanta metro region for more than 30 years.  We invite you to visit the rest of our website and look forward to doing business with our neighbors.