HERITAGE: A Legacy of Excellence

In 1975 when Dave Campbell starting his first printing company in Norcross, Ga. he didn’t realize that a  simple business decision would become his life’s passion.  In those early days Dave lived by a simple and time tested credo ‘Give the customers excellent quality, at a good price,  and do it as quickly as you can.”  It wasn’t rocket science – just a rock-solid promise he gave his customers everyday.
So, when Dave built Heritage Printing and Quick Copy from the ground up in 1979 it appeared to be just another smart business move – a good decision.  Over the years Dave applied his philosophy and impeccable skills serving every customer as if they were his only customer.  He added new capabilities and stretched his staff to learn and do more.  As his business grew so did his family and Dave Campbell’s legacy began to take root in a new generation.

As you might imagine, Dave’s son Robert entered the printing business at a young age.  It seemed a no brainer, after all the kid had four color ink for blood.   But you might be surprised to learn that his voyage led  to various positions at other print houses across the region.  Eager to learn and ready to work hard, Robert was exposed to new printing techniques and creative solutions with every new job.  But like every son who journeys,  there is always a home coming.

For Dave and Robert that home coming came in 1990, when father and son joined forces to begin a new chapter in the Heritage Printing and Quick Copy legacy.  With Dave keeping the focus on customer service and Robert infusing new technologies and techniques, together they offered customers unrivaled excellence.

For more than 40 years now, Heritage Printing and Quick Copy has endured.  Built on a foundation that values its customers and is driven by a passion to be industry leaders in their craft.  In recent years the company has expanded to offer a full range of custom design services and is today growing once again to provide highly personalized direct mail services.

You may first choose to work with Heritage Printing and Quick Copy for our great prices, our superior quality, or our on time delivery.  But you’ll choose to  keep working with us because our legacy of excellence is printed on every piece of paper that we touch.